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We want our gym to be a space for healthy movement of all kinds, for all kinds of people!  More than just exercise, we offer classes that are designed to fit into your lifestyle. Our trainers are here to help guide you through every step of your workout routine. Stop by Climb Time Blue Ash today and take a class with us! 

Competitive Youth Climbing.jpg

Competitive Youth Team

Our youth competitive team will serve those who are seeking vast growth in their climbing abilities and problem solving skills. During the practices, we tackle everything from technique and tactics to strength and mindset training. Our team is founded on respect for oneself and others and we strive to prepare each child to represent that message to the climbing community.

The team trains at both Climb Time gyms. Bouldering season training is at Blue Ash in the Fall/Winter and rope climbing season is at Oakley in Winter/Spring. 

Ages 6-17

When: Mondays and Thursdays

Time: 5:30-7:30P

Cost: $225/mth dual gym membership

Bouldering Leagues

There's nothing quite like bouldering league. Join a team, climb together and enjoy camaraderie, self-improvement and friendly competition.


Sign up with a team of 4 (each team must comprise of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced climbers) -OR- as an individual. Individuals will be placed into teams of 4.


Check back for dates in the Spring!


Sign up at Climb Time Oakley or call 513-818-8017 to register.

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